Our Methods

our preparation

Our wine making process begins with the pruning of each grape vine by hand during the winter and early spring. This is a very important step that ensures the health and longevity of our vines for seasons to come.

A skilled hand will clip away the old, save and train the new, and make the needed preparations to generate new growth for the season to come.

tender, loving care

They say the secret to a great wine is a healthy does of TLC. This of course refers to the hard work we put in each Spring and Summer to keep our vines growing strong and healthy, and to ultimately welcome a beautiful crop of grapes each fall.

Training each vine by hand, carefully mowing in between our many rows of trellis, and monitoring the biology of each vineyard helps make a very happy grape, and happy grapes make great wine.

the harvest

Once again, this step is done entirely by hand. Each fall, our many varieties of grapes become ripe and ready for harvest. A careful watch of the chemistry within the grapes tells us exactly when each variety needs to be harvested. From the vineyards, the freshly harvested fruit is brought into our winery where it is crushed, destemmed, and finally pressed into fresh juice.

Once pumped into their holding tanks, this juice will then get a chance to ferment. Over the next several weeks, each wine will take on its unique characteristics, and eventually become one of our delicious bottled wines, ready to enjoy.

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